Are you interested utilizing Ashcroft, Marsh, Wika, Weksler and Reotemp thermometers in your company’s oil and gas equipment? At R4 Specialties, we can serve as your exclusive thermometer distributor and provide you with the thermometers you need to effectively monitor your equipment. Whether you’re looking for thermometer distribution in our home state of Texas or require international distribution of thermometers, we can ship thermometers anywhere in the world.

All of the Ashcroft, Marsh, Wika, Weksler and Reotemp thermometers available through R4 Specialties are designed to be highly accurate and durable. We also carry a diverse selection of different types of thermometers and can help guide you if you’re not sure which thermometers would be best for your unique needs.

As your trusted thermometer distributor, we can help you find thermometers that will benefit your business for many years to come. Get in touch with R4 Specialties at (832) 237-6912 to learn more about our thermometer distribution services today.