Strainer Distribution

The pipelines used for oil and gas industry jobs are often responsible for carrying different liquids throughout a larger system. However, problems often arise when debris finds its way in and causes backup issues in the system. R4 Specialties can help you cut down on these issues by offering strainer distribution services from some of the most trusted names in the industry. Located in Houston, TX, we are a proud distributor of Aitken strainers, Hendrix strainers, Jamison strainers and more, and would be happy to guide you towards the right brand for your needs.

Aitken, Hendrix & Jamison Strainer Distribution

When foreign materials are able to make their way into a pipeline, they can cause severe damage to meters and other surface equipment that is being used. It’s why it’s important for companies to monitor the interior their pipelines frequently and to utilize strainers at all times. Aitken, Hendrix, and Jamison strainers are just some of the high-quality strainers R4 Specialties is able to provide our clients, and each brand offers options for the two main types of pipeline strainers available. Whether you are in need of a Y-Strainer or a Basket Strainer variation, we can help.

If you aren’t currently using strainers in your pipelines, it won’t be long before you notice signs of wear and tear on your equipment. By working closely with a strainer distributor like R4 Specialties, you can get the right strainers for your specific equipment and learn more about how they can help to maintain that equipment’s longevity. It will also make a big difference in the way your machinery functions, and will prevent you from enduring the headaches that come along with using pipelines filled with debris.

R4 Specialties provides Aitken, Hendrix, and Jamison strainer distribution services internationally, as well as strainers from Mueller, Nowata and SureFlow. To learn more, get in contact with us by calling 832-237-6912 today.